360 Virtual Tour Photographer for real estate, realtors, vacation homes and resort hotels in Orlando, FL.  
360 Virtual Tours for real estate, realtors, vacation homes and resort hotels in Orlando, FL.
All of the featured photos are 360 Degree Panoramas.

Panoramic Photography for 360 Virtual Tours

Panoramic Photography is a photography technique that captures images with an elongated field of view. A wide field of view is achieved by using specialized photography equipment or software. The term Panoramic Photography has also been applied to a photo that is cropped to a wide aspect ratio. "Wide-Angle" typically refers to a wide angle lens, but using a wide angle lens does not make an image a true Panorama. In addition, an image taken with an ultra wide fisheye lens is not a true panoramic photo. An image with a field of view greater than the human eye, about 160° horizontal by 75° vertical, is also sometimes called panoramic. An aspect ratio of 2:1 means the image is twice as wide as it is high. A true 360 Degree Panorama stitches together a series of images and covers a field of view of 360 degrees horizontally, with an aspect ratio ranging from 4:1 to 10:1. A true Wide Angle Panorama stitches together a smaller series of images to capture a specific field of view less than 360 degrees. Both aspect ratio and coverage of field are important factors in defining a true panorama.

Wide Angle Panoramas vs 360 Panoramas

A series of photos can be taken to create a Wide Angle Panorama that is not a full 360 degrees. Wide Angle Panoramas are great in real estate, for example, to capture the full essence of a room or specific view without the need to see what is directly behind the camera. Typically, this can be achieved by taking 2 - 4 photos and stitching them together. The image will pan side to side within the virtual tour to view the entire panorama.
This photo is a 160 Degree Wide Angle Panorama. The final image was created by combining 4 photos together, without the need to see other areas behind the camera.
A 360 Panorama is the centerpiece of a virtual tour. 360 Degree Panoramas are produced by stitching together a series of images, usually 8 - 12 photos, into a field of view covering a full 360 degrees. The image will rotate within the virtual tour and include navigation spots to view other areas of the tour. When viewed flat, the left and right edges are the connecting points of the full 360 degree field of view.
This photo is a 360 Degree Panorama. The final image was created by combining 8 photos to capture the full 360 degree field of view, including all areas behind the camera.
Zillow Certified Orlando Photographer and best 360 homes photography in Orlando, Florida.
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At www.virtualtoursorlando.com, we create and publish 360 virtual tours, virtual tour photography and panoramas for companies in Orlando, Florida. Panoramic photography uses a series of photos that are stitched together to create a single panorama. Panoramas can be a full 360 degrees, or simply a wide angle field of view created from a smaller series of images. Panoramas serve as the central element to most interactive virtual tours. Our virtual tours include timeshare resorts, homes, resort hotels, theme parks, Orlando apartments, Orlando vacation homes and more. Our 360 virtual tour software, creators, photographers and designers produce professional virtual tours to assist you in selling your home or business products. We work with many of the the top real estate companies in Orlando and Central Florida. Featuring 360 virtual tours for realtors, resort hotels, upscale real estate, timeshare, vacation homes, apartments, condos, apts, restaurants, physicians, medical industry, hospitals and more. We service the Central Florida area including Disney area in Lake Buena Vista, Clermont, Davenport, Kissimmee, Longwood, Maitland, Altamonte Springs, Isleworth, Downtown Orlando, Windermere, Bay Hill, Lake Mary, Winter Park FL and more.
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